Sentury Status has many years of experience in Mixing & Mastering, as well as his advanced Diploma in Music Sound & Recording, This will ensure you have your music Mixed & Mastered by a professional engineer.

Mixing Services Info & Pricing

Cost of Instrumental Beat & Song Mixing & Mastering .

The Prices Are As Follows.

1 For $100

2 For $180

3 For $250

For a bundle deal of 10 or more please contact [email protected] to discuss a better price which fits your budget.

How Long Will It Take For Mixing & Mastering ?

Mix orders will usually be completed in 1 week or less depending on how much other work I have to complete. If you have a large order it is best I take a longer time on the songs to ensure the best quality mixes.

What File Types Do You Send Back After Mixing & Mastering ?

I send back a mixed & mastered MP3 & also the mixed & mastered WAV & if requested I can send the trackouts.

What Is Needed For Mixing & Mastering , And How Do I Order ? 

To order Mixing & Mastering just email me letting me know how many songs or instrumental beats you want done. I will then send you a PayPal invoice request. Once payment has been made I will need a download link for each beat or song containing its full length WAV TrackOuts as well as the beats tempo(s) . If you have a pro tools session we can have you send us the full session.

If your not sure how the trackout would need to be sent, Please click the link below for an example.


Contact Email –  [email protected]